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Powerful AI FOR Patient acquisition

Your AI-Powered Growth Solution Is Here!

Generating Patient Leads and turning them into Appointments, Seamlessly

Neurality Health is a first-of-its-kind AI solution that turbocharges growth across the health and wellness sector. It seamlessly manages the entire patient journey, from lead generation to nurturing relationships, streamlining intakes, verifying eligibility, scheduling, handling payments, and ongoing engagement– It's your all-in-one solution for healthcare growth.

The Dilemma: Overspending, Underperforming in Patient Acquisition

Neurality Health elevates your conversion rates while significantly reducing acquisition costs
Patient Enrollment

Due to Ineffective Outreach, Miscommunication, Delays

Cost of Poor, Untimely, Non-Personalized, Synchronous Outreach

Leading to Poor Adherence, Missed Appointments, Inferior Outcomes

Versatile Solution.
One Powerful AI.

Neurality Health's out-of-the-box marketing solution can generate and execute full ads, social media, and SEO campaigns with simple instructions. Once the lead is generated, our conversational AI proactively engages and converts the patient.

Lead Generation



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Start with a simple prompt, generate a full on ad campaign optimized for success

AI-Powered Prospects

Lead Generation

Generate Ad campaigns and easily execute

Generate Social media and SEO content

Insights and recommendations to optimize

Rescue lost leads who drop off from website chat
via SMS followups

Conversion Optimization AI

Lead Conversion

SMS Followups

Conversational intake

Proactive outreach to reengage and never lose a lead

Scheduling appointment

Eligibility checking, accepting payment

Elevate Conversion Rates, Slash Acquisition Costs:

Our Winning Formula

improvement in patient acquisition
reduction in patient cost of acquisition
cheaper and more effective outreach

With performance based pricing, we win when you win.


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We're redefining the way you invest in patient enrollment. With our performance-based pricing model, you only pay when a patient successfully enrolls in your programs. It's a win-win approach that aligns our success with yours, ensuring you get the results you deserve.

Lead Generation
Patient Enrollment & Activation
Patient Reactivation
Embeddable Website Chat
SMS Follow Ups